GALLERIA PRZYMORZE is located at the intersection of Obrońców Wybrzeża and Chłopska streets (Gdańsk-Przymorze). Access by car from Gdańsk airport, the route along: Słowackiego, Kościuszki, Rzeczypospolitej, and Chłopska st. to the intersection with Obrońców Wybrzeża st. Bus and tram timetables can be downloaded from, the SKM timetable is available at


Trams no.: 2, 6, 8, 12, Bora-Komorowskiego stop


In the direction of Gdansk-Przymorze:

bus no: 127, 148 – stops by Obrońców Wybrzeża st.
bus no. : 139, 199 – stops by Bora-Komorowskiego st.


Get off at the Oliwa stop, change to bus no. 127 (stops directly in front of the Gallery) or 139, 199 (they stop at Bora Komorowskiego Street, near the Gallery)

There are 800 underground parking spaces waiting for Gallery customers and 400 by one of the entrances.


Galeria Przymorze boasts the most modern parking system in the Tri-City.

How does the AFAPARK system work?

The system automatically shows the number of available spaces, or information about their possible lack, by lighting boards located at parking alleys.

After entering the parking alley, the system informs about all unoccupied places and their location. An additional advantage is the fact that there will be a double sound system in the signalling device or the sensor, which will immediately inform the Gallery’s customers about the location of a parked car. This will allow you to find your own car quickly and easily. The system also provides information about places for disabled people.

The system monitors free and occupied parking spaces in the underground car park, which gives full control and thus safety of our customers’ cars.