• We have an underground car park with 800 parking spaces, equipped with the most modern Afa Park parking system. There is also a vulcanization point and a car wash.
  • Ground-based car park located in front of the entrance on the side of Decathlon store, has 400 parking spaces
  • The touchless car wash is located in the ground-based car park of the Gallery
  • Super Hallo Taxi stop is located at the main entrance to the Gallery
  • Traficar, Panek – in our ground-based car park there are dedicated  parking spaces with „cars for hours”
  • Gas station – you can easily refuel at our ground car park
  • Bicycle parking are situated at both entrances to the Gallery, additionally the one next to Decathlon store is equipped with repair systems
  • Charging of electric vehicles – in the ground-based car park of the Gallery there is a point of the largest electric vehicle charging network – GreenWay